From France With Love

The name’s Bond, James Bond. I guess every man wants to say that at least once, and I am quite taken with my new persona. As my very own ‘Bond Girl’ and I passed through five countries (Britain, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and back to France for the particular) in one day yesterday, it certainly felt like we were on something of a mission. And, in a way, that is exactly what we are on – a delicate assignment to get the message out there about prostate cancer. As well as raising funds, hurtling across Europe (400 miles yesterday, complete with a thunderstorm) in a car branded with our new identity, has been a real talking point. Lots of people (no doubt also intrigued by the gold cat-suit of my companion) have stopped to ask what the challenge is about.

The Thunderball Rally has pulled everyone together, in the fight against prostate cancer. Keyline Builders Merchants, our partner, has pulled out all the stops to make this a success. There have been a few road-side casualties as some of the Bond-style cars struggled with the journey, but everyone pitched in to make sure no one was left behind. There is a real sense of camaraderie, and a sense of doing something constructive for men with prostate cancer. I have been struck by the way Keyline has taken this cause to its heart, not only aiming to raise an ambitious £100,000, but ensuring that their largely-male workforce is aware, and stands up together to do more to fight this disease. There is a real formula for success in there – which we need to replicate on a much broader scale.

Back behind the wheel…Switzerland next stop. Not before another night in my tent. Yes tent, (not sure the real Bond would have fancied that), a pop up one I could not assemble sadly. Q would not be proud.

Please don’t forget to sponsor us.

Check back tomorrow as we reach the summit of our mission.

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