Shaken – And Stirred

Final day, and I think ‘Miss Funnypenny’ and I would call this mission accomplished as we head back to Britain. As well as smashing our £100,000 fundraising target, alongside Keyline Builders Merchants – we have woken up thousands of men to this disease.

We all made the 10,000 foot assault on Schilthorn, in our 007 finery. There have been some real Bond moments on the way, alpine descents (albeit by cable car, not parachute), cars ‘chasing’ around mountain bends and the odd dry Martini. There was even a bikini moment, which will clearly rank alongside those immortalised by Ursula Andress and Halle Berry, as my ‘Bond Girl’ stepped into a two piece and emerged from a lake. Well, it certainly gave the locals an image to remember.

All of this has been done not on ‘Her Majesty’s Service’, but in the name of fighting prostate cancer. There is no Dr No or Goldfinger in this particular adventure. Our ‘villain’ is a disease which claims way to many lives and the injustice which surrounds it.

Our first mission as Prostate Cancer UK has really crystalised for me why we needed to be more focussed, increase our ambition and raise our voice. Put simply, men deserve better.

The energy Andrew Harrison, CEO of Keyline, and his team have put into this endeavour, which deserves a massive thank you from me, hints at a groundswell of support for this notion, and a willingness to do something about it. Men’s health needs to take centre stage, and there is a role to play in bringing all men together to achieve this.

I will be back at ‘HQ’ this week working with the team to really push those ambitions forward.

In the meantime, thank you to everyone who has sponsored us, a well done to my lovely Bond Girl (I could not have done it without ‘her’) and, of course, to Keyline Builders Merchants.

I would like to make a final plea for sponsorship. The Thunderball Rally will make a real difference to our real mission.

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