Men United v Prostate Cancer

Bill Bailey and Men United

Bill Bailey is spearheading our Men United campaign

For many men in the UK, today is just another ordinary day. They’ll be getting up for work, slowly making their way to the office – it is a Friday after all – and getting on with working through just one more day before the weekend. But for around 100 men today, the next 24 hours will be indelibly scorched into their memories as the day they found out they had prostate cancer. It’s for these men – the 40,000 men diagnosed every year, the 10,000 who die, and the 250,000 men currently living with the disease – that we fight.

Today, for these men, and their sons and grandsons, Prostate Cancer UK is launching what will become the biggest men’s health campaign this country has ever seen: Men United v Prostate Cancer.

Through Men United, we will create a movement for men, a groundswell of support to challenge a status quo that allowed men’s health to fester away quietly in the corner for far too long. Over the next few months you’ll be hard pushed not to see our television adverts and poster campaign featuring Bill Bailey waking men up to the fact that it’s time to take control of their own health. We know it’s not easy, we know that even GPs can find the conversation about prostate disease difficult, but we can’t shy away from the fact that men need to Man up. And we need your help to spread the word.

We’re asking men to sign up and check their knowledge of prostate cancer in our short online test. Make sure every man you know – family, friends, colleagues – takes this test. When it comes to prostate cancer, information is power.

In the UK prostate cancer survival rates are below the European average, research into the disease lags a decade behind that for other cancers, and quality of care depends on where you live. If you’re aged over 50, are a black man, or have a close family relative who’s been diagnosed themselves, you’re currently at an increased risk of getting prostate cancer.

These facts about prostate cancer should not be secret. The worst thing we can do is stay silent about this dreadful disease. Men United is our loudhailer, welcome to the fight. #MenUnited

One thought on “Men United v Prostate Cancer

  1. Hi. I`m a current suferer. First diagnosed in February 2012, and I suppose i`m one of the lucky ones in that I was put on an experimental treatment with a London teaching Hospital. I have 3 patches stuck on my back twice a week. so far I have no related problems whatsoever. When we started my PSA level was 520. Now, 2 years later its down to 0.1, and i feel great. All of this was arranged for me by my local Hospital. Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield West Yorkshire. Regards. Mike Bennett

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