Could a small step for fourteen experts become a giant leap for Men United?

I watched the new Star Wars trailer the other day and it got me thinking that science fiction is getting ever closer to reality. Maybe not Wookies or lightsabers (much to every little boy’s – or even grown man’s – disappointment). But back when Star Wars was first released who could have imagined that today NASA would be getting ready to send people to Mars in the next 15 years or so? Continue reading

Prostate cancer research – it’s not all talk, but it’s a good place to start

A couple of weeks ago, I told you how excited I was about the upcoming Prostate Cancer UK Research Forum. Well, it finally arrived (a shame our luggage didn’t – but that’s another story), so now we’re here in Baltimore, home of the internationally renowned Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, with some of the world’s leading prostate cancer experts. Continue reading

BRCA2 and the good news that got lost in the headlines

This weekend the papers reported that a man – who carried the faulty BRCA2 gene – had undergone surgery to remove his prostate as a form of preventative treatment for prostate cancer. The articles published in the Sunday Times and Daily Mail – which follows the news that Angelina Jolie had preventative surgery for breast cancer – stated this man was the first in the world to go through such a procedure.

Strictly speaking, and although it ruins a good news story, this is not true. Continue reading